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Charleston White, a pre-law scholar at Texas Wesleyan University in Ft. Worth, Texas, stands out as the brains behind HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach. His journey took an unexpected turn when he spent six and a half years at Giddings State School due to his involvement in a tragic incident.

Back when he was merely 14 years old, Charleston White, along with three companions, brazenly nabbed athletic jackets from a Foot Locker store. The situation escalated as a man confronted them, leading to a fatal shooting in the parking lot. A once youthful gang leader, Charleston White underwent a transformative process during his time behind bars for these juvenile mistakes. Emerging from his confinement, he swiftly gained a substantial online following, largely attributed to his candid YouTube critiques of rap music and trending news stories.

Who is Charleston White?

Charleston White, a pre-law scholar at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas, and the ingenious mind behind HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach, is rewriting the script of his life. From being confined within the walls of Giddings State School for over six years due to a murder conviction, he’s now scripting a narrative of redemption and influence.

At the tender age of 14, Charleston White, accompanied by three companions, orchestrated the theft of athletic jackets from a Foot Locker. In a tragic twist of fate, a confrontation unraveled, culminating in a fatal gunshot in the store’s parking lot. White’s saga, replete with shades of his criminal past, has sparked a cacophonous chorus among online denizens, some applauding, others dissenting.

Piquant controversies studded his path, with incendiary remarks about George Floyd, the lamentable demise of rapper DMX, and the tragic losses of Nipsey Hussle and King Von. A riveting feud with Soulja Boy, replete with Instagram sparring, further cemented his online presence.

Beyond his sordid history and prison interlude, Charleston White’s phoenix-like transformation into a motivational orator paints a portrait of resilience. Embroidered into the very fabric of his community, he also stands as an engaged participant in his local church.

At the helm of Helping Young People Excel (HYPE), White orchestrates a symphony of change, steering impressionable teens away from the abyss of criminality. Remarkably, HYPE’s efforts even resonated within the folds of one of Texas’ largest Hispanic gangs, nestled in the heart of Fort Worth.

Charleston White’s enrollment in Texas Wesleyan University’s Criminal Justice program is a resolute stride towards academic pursuit. Balancing fatherhood with his endeavors, he traverses the nation, dispersing his hard-earned wisdom and narrative of redemption, all in pursuit of a cascading positive influence.

In this retelling, Charleston White’s narrative emerges not just as a story of transgressions and transformation but as a parable of how life’s script can be rewritten, embracing redemption, community, and renewal.

charleston white age

Charleston White, born in 1970, making him a wise 52 years old. This guy’s not just any Joe; he’s an American sensation. You name it, he’s done it – Youtuber, motivational speaker, social media influencer, media face, content creator, and entrepreneur, all rolled into one. And guess where he hails from? Texas, the land of big dreams and even bigger personalities, in the good ol’ United States.

Why was Charleston White sent to jail?

Alright, let’s break it down! This dude, he’s like, “Hey, I didn’t actually shoot that guy, but I was totally involved in the whole shooting thing that ended up with the guy dead.” So, here’s the deal: he was one of the first kids in Tarrant county to get slammed with a murder sentence under Texas’ fancy-sounding Determining Sentence law.

Now, our main man, Charleston White, got shipped to the Texas Youth Council joint. The plan was to bump him up to the grown-up slammer right before he hit the magical 18. But hold up, four brave juvie officers went all-in and risked their jobs to beg the judge to cut him some slack. Talk about loyalty, right?

Image source :- Instagram officialcharleston_white

But wait, there’s more! Charleston gets sent back to the Giddings State School. He chills there until he’s almost 21 – just a few months away. Then, bam, 1998 rolls around, and he’s outta there after spending seven years locked up. And guess what? No more prison time for this guy!

Now, here comes the life lessons. Charleston spills the beans on how the big house changed his whole deal. When he walks out at 21, his brain is stuck at 14 in terms of thinking and emotions. Yeah, like he missed the whole growing-up memo. High school? Nope. Graduation? Nah. So, he’s kinda lacking those usual society survival skills, you know what I mean?

So there you have it, the lowdown on Charleston White’s wild ride from trouble to freedom. Life’s got its curveballs, and this guy swung for the fences. Stay tuned for more stories that’ll make your head spin!

Why is Charleston White Famous

Hey there! You know, Charleston White has become quite the sensation with his awesome YouTube videos and the way he openly shares stories about his wild past on social media. It’s like he’s living two lives in one – the crazy stuff he’s been through and the cool videos he makes.

Who is Charleston White’s wife?

You won’t believe this, but Charleston White, the guy we all admire for his YouTube magic, has a secret he’s been holding tight. He’s a married man! Yep, he’s got a whole family he’s been keeping away from the spotlight. It’s like his own little world that he’s kept hidden.

Now, here’s the kicker – we have no clue about his wife, not even her name! But one thing’s for sure, she’s his rock. Behind those awesome videos and crazy stories, there’s a lady who’s right there, cheering him on.

Even though we’re in the dark about the details, we can’t help but picture him living this amazing life with his better half. You know, those cozy movie nights, inside jokes, and stolen glances. 

Charleston White daughter

You won’t believe what’s been happening with Charleston White lately!  But here’s the thing – we’re in the dark about whether he has a daughter or a son. The details are a bit hazy, but one thing’s for sure, he’s a loving parent.

 He made headlines big time, all over the media, thanks to a heated showdown with Dwayne. And get this, he even brought his own child into the mix. Can you imagine? It’s like a real-life drama unfolding right in front of us.

We wish we had all the deets, but sometimes life keeps us guessing. One thing’s for certain though, Charleston White’s not just making waves on YouTube – he’s also making headlines with his family ties. Let’s hope things get sorted out, for his sake and for the sake of his kiddos.

Charleston White Net Worth

Guess what? Charleston White isn’t just known for his incredible content; he’s also estimated to be worth a whopping $1.5 million! That’s a whole lot of zeroes right there. Now, you’d think with all that moolah, he’d have a fancy house, right? Well, here’s the twist – he’s got a house, but he’s playing hide and seek with the internet.

 His crib is like a secret treasure, hidden away from public eyes. No virtual tours, no sneak peeks, nada. It’s like he’s keeping his personal space just that – personal. 

So, even though we can’t ooh and aah over his house décor, we can still appreciate the fact that Charleston White’s got this enigmatic vibe going on. 

Charleston white comedy show


Charleston White Wiki Bio (Education, College)

Get this – Charleston White’s been hitting the books, working his way towards a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He’s racked up a solid 83 credit hours, and that’s no small feat. It’s like he’s on a mission, you know?

But here’s where it gets really interesting – it’s not just about him. Charleston’s story is like a pep talk for a whole bunch of people out there. We’re talking community leaders, politicians, police officers, correctional officers – the whole crew. Even the young ones caught up in the system are taking a look and finding hope in his journey. It’s like his determination is rubbing off on everyone around him.

So, picture this – while he’s juggling his studies, Charleston White’s also dishing out a healthy dose of inspiration. He’s not just cracking open books; he’s cracking open minds too. His story’s a reminder that education’s like a golden ticket, a chance to break barriers and rise above challenges. Here’s to Charleston White – the student, the trailblazer, and the guy who’s making a difference, one credit hour at a time.

charleston white
Image source :- Instagram officialcharleston_white

Hold onto your hats, ’cause Charleston White’s got a tale to tell. He’s out here claiming that the Houston sold-out comedy show got scrapped, and guess who he’s pointing fingers at? None other than J. Prince. Yep, that Rap-A-Lot music mogul is right in the spotlight.

Charleston’s saying that things got so heated that even the police are keeping their distance. I mean, can you imagine? He’s out here, but he’s saying the cops won’t back him up because of his beef with J. Prince. It’s like a real-life showdown.

And get this – he’s even dropping the bomb that the Houston Police Department’s got a case of the jitters when it comes to J. Prince. It’s like they’re steering clear, and that’s why Charleston didn’t get the security he needed for his comedy tours. It’s a crazy twist, right?

But here’s where it gets real interesting. Charleston got a message on a Friday, and it was a real downer. He found out his youth presentation in Houston, Texas got the boot. And get this – Houston Police said, “Nuh-uh, not a good time to come to Houston, buddy. Your part of the event? Cancelled.”

Charleston’s not taking this lying down. He’s gearing up to march into the Houston Police Department for a meeting. It’s like he’s not backing off, no sir.

So there you have it, folks – Charleston White’s in a bit of a showdown, and he’s not holding back. It’s like a real-life drama, unfolding right in front of our eyes. Will he get his security? Will he get his event back? Stay tuned, ’cause this story’s far from over.

Charleston white son 

Charleston White, the man who’s got YouTube buzzing, had a son – a cool cat named Chii Wvttz. Chii Wvttz wasn’t just any kid, he was a real whiz at drill rapping. But brace yourself, tragedy struck. In 2022, when he was just 17, a shooting in Chicago took him away. Yeah, it’s like something straight out of a movie.

Now, Charleston White, he didn’t hold back. I mean, imagine being in his shoes, dealing with something like that. He’s using his platform to shine a light on the violence in Chicago, going full throttle for some serious change. He’s even giving the cops a piece of his mind for how they handled things.

And guess what? He poured his heart out in an interview with VladTV. The guy didn’t shy away from talking about the tough stuff, even shed a tear or two. It takes guts to face the online haters and the finger-pointers, but Charleston White’s not backing down. He’s laying it all out there, sharing how raising a son in Chicago ain’t no walk in the park. He’s all about staying sharp, keeping an eye out, you know?

Losing Chii Wvttz? Man, that hit Charleston White hard. But he’s not throwing in the towel.  And get this, even though he’s a bit of a lightning rod for controversy, his personal tale is like a somber reminder.We gotta make sure this kind of pain doesn’t loop back, ever.

So here’s to Chii Wvttz and Charleston White – a duo that reminds us that change is overdue. And with folks like Charleston White leading the charge, maybe, just maybe, things will start looking up for the Windy City.

Charleston White Son NBA (rumor)

I mean, let’s get one thing straight – neither Charleston White nor his son Chii Wvttz has ever played in the NBA. It’s like a rumor train that’s gone off the tracks. People are buzzing about Charleston White’s kid in the NBA, but it’s all smoke and mirrors.

The whispers started from a TikTok video that blew up in 2022. Charleston White’s on camera, going on about his son being a “future NBA player.” But here’s the kicker – he never drops his son’s name, and there’s zero proof to back up his claim about the basketball career.

Sure, it’s possible that Charleston White’s son has a thing for hoops, but right now, there’s no concrete proof to back it up. And that “future NBA player” talk? It might’ve been more of a passing thought than a solid prediction. We’re left hanging – no evidence, no slam dunk confirmation.

So while we’re all curious, let’s not jump the gun. Until we’ve got some real facts to toss around, the idea of Charleston White’s son being an NBA star is just a wish in the wind. Time will tell, but for now, it’s a tale that’s still up in the air.

Charleston White Instagram (Charleston White IG)

Alright, let’s dive into the world of Charleston White’s Instagram game! This guy’s got not one, but two Instagram accounts – talk about staying connected, right? He hopped onto the Instagram scene back in December 2022, and guess what? He managed to pull in a cool 124k followers on his  account in just two and a half months. Now that’s some serious digital charisma!

Fast forward to June 2023, and he’s still rocking’ it with a solid 166k followers on that account. And get this, he’s keeping an eye on 1411 folks himself – that’s a lot of scrolling!

But that’s not all – Charleston White’s reel game is strong. He’s got this reel that’s clocked in a whopping 132K views by February 2023. Clearly, folks are loving his content.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Charleston White is basically an Instagram ninja. His official and verified account is  and he’s seriously active there. From podcasts to comedy shows, he’s sharing it all. And brace yourself, he’s not shy about going live either. Yep, you can catch him in the moment, right there on Instagram.

His posts are a mixed bag – you’ve got podcast videos, glimpses of live comedy shows, and even some behind-the-scenes stuff. And guess what else? He’s big on interaction. Sharing fan messages, updates on concerts, pictures with fans, his daughter, parents – he’s got it all covered.

So there you have it, folks – Charleston White’s Instagram game is on fire. From comedy to behind-the-scenes moments, he’s taking his fans on a wild ride through his life, one post at a time.

Charleston White YouTube

You ready for a wild ride through Charleston White’s YouTube journey? Buckle up, ’cause we’re diving in!

Picture this – his YouTube channel is like a treasure trove of wisdom, and he’s named it “The Real Charleston White.” But here’s the twist – you can find him at @therealcharlestonwhite2806. Got it? Good.

Hold onto your hats, ’cause this dude’s got a whopping 231k subscribers! And guess what? He’s dropped over a thousand videos on there. Yup, you read that right – a thousand videos. And hold onto your seats again, ’cause all those videos have been watched over 30 million times! I mean, that’s like the whole world tuning in, right?

Now here’s the juicy part – he pulled off this YouTube magic in just three years. Started rocking’ the YouTube scene on April 22, 2020, and look at him now. It’s like watching a seed grow into a massive tree – dedication pays off, folks.

But wait, there’s more. About eight months back, he gave us a sneak peek into his YouTube world on Instagram. He spilled the beans about gaining almost 23k subscribers – that’s a lot of folks hitting that subscribe button. And here’s the mind-boggler – his videos racked up a jaw-dropping 5.3 million views! And he mentioned something wild – people spent a total of 36.5 minutes watching his stuff. That’s like a mini movie marathon right there.

So, here’s to Charleston White, the YouTube sensation. With a channel that’s bursting with content and a fan base that’s growing by leaps and bounds, he’s serving up entertainment that’s keeping us all hooked. It’s a ride worth joining – press that play button and let’s dive in!

FAQ about Charleston White

1.Who exactly is Charleston White?

Charleston White wears many hats as an American comedian, YouTuber, influencer, and entrepreneur. But what sets him apart is his knack for fearlessly speaking the truth through his social media channels, even if it means ruffling a few feathers. Born in the year 1970 in the Lone Star State, which is none other than the iconic Texas, he’s been carving his own unique path.

2.What happened to Charleston White?

In the wee hours of Friday morning (September 16), news started circulating that the polarizing YouTuber Charleston White had encountered a distressing incident. While he was out enjoying himself at a strip club in Dallas, reports emerged that he had unfortunately sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


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