Ezra Alvarez Obituary Derry nh Sends Waves of Grief Through Derry, NH – What Really Happened?

Ezra Alvarez Obituary Derry nh-Ezra was born on April 14, 2006, in Baldwin Park, California. He lived his early years in Montebello, CA, but then he and his family moved to Utah. It was there that Ezra discovered his love for football and started playing tackle football when he was just 8 years old. He joined different teams like Copper Hills, Brighton High, A-game Elite, and Utah Pioneers. These teams became like a second family, where he made close friendships with teammates and coaches, and he showed his strength despite his small size.

Ezra worked really hard to get better at football, spending lots of time practicing both on and off the field. He proudly went to the Utah Military Academy, where he learned leadership skills and made lasting friendships with teachers. After moving to Derry, NH, he went to Pinkerton Academy and played defensive starter for the football team, wearing the number 6. Besides football, Ezra liked building Star Wars Lego sets, playing video games, and staying active. He even enjoyed playing flag football and competing in 7v7 games. He was really good with sports facts and stats. Ezra Alvarez also had a talent for teasing, especially with his older sister, whom he loved dearly.

Ezra Alvarez Obituary Derry nh, Death and Cause of Death

On Tuesday, February 14, 2023, the Derry, New Hampshire community was struck by the sudden loss of Ezra Alvarez. Although the precise cause of his passing remains under investigation, initial indications point towards a tragic incident.

Meet Ezra Alvarez: The Passionate Heart with a Football Beat

Picture this: April 14, 2006, and a bright-eyed Ezra Alvarez bursts onto the scene in Baldwin Park, California. Those early days played out in Montebello, California, but the family compass pointed towards Utah, where Ezra’s love affair with football kicked off at a mere eight years old. Talk about starting young, right?

Fast forward to Pinkerton Academy, and Ezra Alvarez —aka the “Ezra” that everyone adored—became the talk of the town. Not only was he acing his studies, but this kid was also lighting up the football field. Derry, New Hampshire was the stage, and oh boy, did Ezra play his part like a true star.

Now, let’s talk teams. Think Copper Hills, Brighton High, A-game Elite, and the Utah Pioneers. This guy was a team-hopping maestro! But it wasn’t just about the game; it was the bonds he formed with teammates and coaches that shaped him both on and off the turf. And can we just take a moment to appreciate his bravery? Despite being on the smaller side, Ezra tackled both offense and defense like a champ.

Hold up, the Utah Military Academy comes into play! This place was like his leadership boot camp. Ezra soaked up skills like a sponge and made friends for life. Professors? Oh yeah, he kept in touch with those folks even after he moved on. Last year, the Alvarez crew planted roots in Derry (hello, New Hampshire!), and Ezra snagged his spot as the starting defensive end for the Pinkerton Academy Astros Football Team. And guess what? He rocked that number 6 jersey with a swagger.

But wait, there’s more to Ezra Alvarez  than meets the eye. When he wasn’t conquering the field, he was tackling intricate Star Wars Lego sets (see what I did there?), mastering video games, and even squeezing in workouts. Flag football and 7v7 games? Yeah, he aced those too, armed with a brain stuffed with sports stats. And speaking of stats, this guy had a PhD in teasing, especially when it came to his older sis. Tease champion, anyone?

Wrap it up with memories of a guy who spread brightness, kindness, and a side of giggles wherever he went. That infectious laugh? It was legendary. And when others needed a buddy to lean on, Ezra was their guy. The legacy he left behind? Unforgettable. As the Pinkerton Academy community and beyond remember this incredible spirit, our hearts are heavy with loss. From parents Tiffany Baker and Daniel Marshall to sister Jordan Alvarez, and a whole web of family and friends, Ezra’s impact is woven into countless lives.

So, here’s to you, Ezra Alvarez . The kid who brought football, laughter, and love to the game of life.

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