Idaho college murders | Crews remove belongings from King Road house

According to the University of Idaho, crews have initiated the process of cleaning out the house in Moscow, Idaho, where a horrific crime unfolded, claiming the lives of four college students. The off-campus rental property located at 1122 King Road became the epicenter of an extensive investigation into the quadruple murder, marked by the brutal stabbing deaths of Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, Ethan Chapin, and Madison Mogen.

In an update on Tuesday, the University of Idaho confirmed that the house and its contents have been released by the court. Efforts are underway to promptly remove all belongings of the victims and provide them to their respective families. This process is expected to span several weeks.

TikTok Dances and Unsettled Concerns

Reports have surfaced of individuals filming TikTok dances at the infamous Idaho house, further perpetuating the chilling association between the location and the tragic events that unfolded there.

In March, NewsNation’s “Banfield” reported on the concerns expressed by some family members of the victims regarding the potential demolition of the house prior to Bryan Kohberger’s trial. They apprehensively voiced worries that such an act would deprive the jury of the opportunity to visit the crime scene. The trial date for Kohberger, the suspect in the case, has been scheduled for October 2.

Pursuit of the Death Penalty

Following the charges of first-degree murder against Bryan Kohberger, prosecutors have indicated their intention to seek the death penalty in his case. The state, in its court notice, asserts the presence of several aggravating factors in the stabbing deaths, as required by Idaho law for pursuing the ultimate punishment.

Future Plans: Demolition and Memorialization

Once the house is demolished, plans are in place to establish a memorial and garden, as detailed in a February memo from the university’s president. However, the specifics of these plans have not yet been disclosed to the public. As the process unfolds, the aim is to create a space that honors the memory of the victims and provides solace to those affected by the tragic events that transpired within those walls.


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