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Jennie Laxson Heath and Phil Heath: Jennie Laxson Heath, widely recognized as the first wife of Phil Heath, an American IFBB professional bodybuilder and former Mr. Olympia, has piqued the curiosity of many individuals. There is a common question circulating about the fate of Jennie Laxson Heath, who was once married to Phil Health.

Jennie Laxson Ex-Husband-Phil Heath- Details

Jennie Laxson Heath and Phil Heath tied the knot on June 23, 2007, following a lengthy period of dating. Unfortunately, their marriage encountered various challenges that ultimately led to its dissolution in 2015, after eight years together.

While the couple shared a love for each other, the exact reasons behind their divorce remain undisclosed to the public. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Jennie Laxson Heath played a supportive role in helping Phil Health achieve his bodybuilding goals.

Phil Heath went on to achieve considerable success in his bodybuilding career, securing multiple victories in the prestigious Mr. Olympia contests.

Jennie Laxson Heath | Won the Battle Against Breast Cancer

Jennie Laxson Heath and Phil Heath
Jennie Laxson Heath and Phil Heath

Despite the end of Jennie’s relationship with Phil, she faced an intense battle for her life before parting ways. Jennie courageously fought against breast cancer for several years and emerged victorious.

Throughout her struggle, Jennie underwent numerous surgeries to ensure her survival. In 2014, a year before her separation from Phil, she underwent her fifth surgery. Thankfully, Jennie’s cancer was detected at an early stage, which greatly contributed to her successful treatment and prevention of its progression to later stages.

On Twitter, many of her well-wishers expressed their support and sent their best wishes for a speedy recovery as she underwent multiple surgeries while bravely fighting cancer.

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Phil Heath Support After Divorce

Contrary to the typical behavior seen in many ex-spouses after divorce, Phil Heath took a different approach when it came to supporting Jannie even after their separation.

This unique support can be attributed to the foundation of their relationship and the support Jannie provided to Phil before his rise to wealth and fame. Jannie has fondly recalled Phil Heath being a very supportive husband, especially during her difficult times.

During Jannie’s cancer treatments, Phil Heath consistently prayed for her good health and stood by her side whenever she needed him. It is evident that Phil still cared deeply for her. In a Facebook post made by Phil in 2013, he openly discussed Jannie’s battle with breast cancer, expressing his concern and love for her.

It is important to note that this specific Facebook post was made in 2013 and should not be misinterpreted. It highlights Phil Heath’s genuine concern for his wife during that challenging period.

Phil Heath Instagram Account


Phil Heath
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