Memphis Police Report: Tragic Death of 4-Years-Old Boy in Accidental Self-Shooting

In Memphis, Tennessee, tragic events unfolded on Sunday as a 4-year-old boy tragically lost his life after accidentally shooting himself, as confirmed by the police.

The incident occurred on the 4100 block of Bona Terra Street, according to the Memphis Police Department. Following the shooting, the child’s parents rushed him to Methodist South Hospital shortly before 5:15 p.m., as reported by the police.

Video Credit: WREG News Channel 3

Memphis Police Report: Tragic Death of 4-Years-Old Boy

Unfortunately, the young boy passed away approximately 45 minutes after he arrived at the hospital, as stated by the Police Department.

The parents conveyed to the police that the child’s death resulted from an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The most recent data reveals that over 100 children in Memphis have been victims of gunshot incidents this year.

As of two weeks ago, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital had provided medical care for a minimum of 158 children with gunshot wounds.

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What led to the accidental self-shooting?

According to the parents’ report to the police, the tragic incident resulted from the child accidentally discharging the firearm.

Was the child provided with immediate medical assistance?

The parents promptly transported the child to Methodist South Hospital, but despite efforts, he unfortunately passed away approximately 45 minutes after reaching the hospital.

Is there an ongoing investigation into the incident?

The Memphis Police Department is currently investigating to understand the circumstances surrounding the accidental self-shooting.

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