Offset’s Surprising Voice Acting Skills in the New ‘Baby Shark’ Movie Amaze Fans

Offset has left fans pleasantly surprised with his commendable voice acting skills showcased in his role in the recently released Baby Shark’s Big Movie.

In the film, Offset, his wife Cardi B and their two children, Kulture and Wave, make an appearance. The movie, available on Paramount+ since the beginning of the month, has garnered attention from fans.

Video Credit: Entertainment Tonight

Baby Shark: Offset’s Surprising Voice Acting Skills

Offset, who adopts the moniker OffShark in the movie, brings a familiar flow similar to his smooth southern drawl in his rap performances but adjusts it for a more kid-friendly audience.

A snippet from the movie circulating online features OffShark and his wife, portrayed by Cardi as Sharky B, introducing their kids to Baby Shark and offering advice to the movie’s star.

In the clip, OffShark advises, “Don’t be hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. Introducing the one and only incredible WavyShark. Our latest collab.”

Fans have praised Offset’s unexpected talent, with one expressing, “Offset is a good voice actor lmao,” and another adding, “LOL I didn’t expect that at all, but he smoked it.”

Take a look at the clip provided below.

Baby Shark’s inaugural feature-length film premiered on Friday, December 8, featuring a star-studded cast including NSYNC’s Lance Bass, actor Ashley Tisdale, comedian Aparna Nancherla, SNL’s Ego Nwodim, and more.

Cardi B, a longstanding enthusiast of the Baby Shark phenomenon, has been captivated by the viral earworm that captured the hearts of children nationwide back in 2016.

In 2018, she shared her personalized rendition of the “Baby Shark” lyrics through a tweet. Subsequently, in early 2019, Cardi chose the song as her runway soundtrack, showcasing her moves around the pool patio of her mansion.

While Cardi is no stranger to Hollywood, having previously appeared alongside Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, and Lizzo in 2019’s “Hustlers,” her debut in a leading role faced a setback. She withdrew from “Assisted Living” just days before production was scheduled to commence in New York last year, reportedly citing being “overextended” as the reason.

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Who provides the voice for Sharky B?

Cardi takes on the role of the rap icon Sharky B, while Offset lends his voice to, as you might have guessed, Offshark. They’re not alone on this aquatic adventure – their children join in too, with Kulture becoming Kulture Sharki and the younger Wave adopting the moniker Wavey Shark. This undoubtedly grants the kids some impressive bragging rights on the playground.

Did Cardi B participate in Baby Shark?

Cardi, Offset, Kulture, and, marking his inaugural appearance in the franchise, the couple’s son, Wave, were all showcased as characters in the first-ever “major ocean picture” of Baby Shark. They joined a cast of guest stars, including ENHYPEN and Lance Bass, bringing their charm to the underwater world.

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