Stan Rogow, Emmy-nominated producer of “Lizzie McGuire, passes away at the age of 75

Stan Rogow: Additionally, he contributed to the “Fame” pilot and co-wrote “The Clan of the Cave Bear,” “Shannon’s Deal,” and “Men of War” with John Sayles.

Stan Rogow passes away at age 75

Stan Rogow, the writer and producer of the Lizzie McGuire series and the film starring Hilary Duff, who collaborated with John Sayles on other projects and was nominated for an Emmy, has died. His age was 75 years.

Family representative Scott Fischer informed The Hollywood Reporter that Rogo died on Thursday at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

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Early in his career, Rogo produced the pilot for the critically acclaimed NBC series Fame. In 1982, he and William Blinn were jointly nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

The Brooklyn native co-created the 2005–07 adventure series Flight 29 Down, starring Corbyn Blue, and from 2004–06 served as an executive producer on the Discovery Kids sitcom Darcy’s Wild Life, starring Sara Paxton. Acted.

Sayles’s 1986 film The Clan of the Cave Bear, starring Daryl Hannah, was produced by Rogo. Later, the two collaborated on the 1990 NBC drama Shannon’s Deal, in which Jamie Sheridan played a lawyer struggling with gambling addiction.

He subsequently earned story credit for the actor film “Men of War” (1994), co-written by Sayles and featuring Dolph Lundgren.

Stan Rogow
Stan Rogow: Additionally, he contributed to the “Fame” pilot and co-wrote “The Clan of the Cave Bear,” “Shannon’s Deal,” and “Men of War” with John Sayles.

Stan Rogow produced both seasons (2001-04) of the wholesome Lizzie McGuire and received Emmy noms for outstanding children’s program in 2003 and ’04. He also produced The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003), which grossed nearly $56 million at the worldwide box office.

“When Lizzie would talk about her inner thoughts, the show used to have a voiceover,” Stan Rogow disclosed in an interview for Luke Ford’s 2004 book The Producers. The higher notion was requested by the network. I suggested that we either create an animated character or use pop-up films to visualise the voiceover. “Let’s do the animated character,” they declared.

Rogow was five years old when Paramount Pictures wanted to sign him to a contract “because I could sing and dance.” He was born in Brooklyn on November 30, 1948, according to Ford’s book. But my parents wouldn’t have been into it if I had to go to Los Angeles. At that time, the head of Paramount told me, “Son, don’t worry about it if show business is in your blood.” It is and always will be there.

After earning his law degree from Boston University, Rogow practised law in the seedy Roxbury neighbourhood of Boston. Later, he was an executive in charge of production for the 1980 Emmy-winning CBS telefilm Playing for Time, which starred the contentious Vanessa Redgrave as a member of the Women’s Orchestra of Auschwitz.

After that, he relocated to Los Angeles and began dating Fame.

Rogow also produced Woke Up Dead, Afterworld, State of Grace, and the 1992 CBS comedy-drama Middle Ages, which starred Peter Riegert.

His son Jackson Rogow, who appeared in the live-action Cartoon Network series Dude, What Would Happen from 2009 to 2011, his grandson Vega and his sister Marian are among the survivors. Monday at 10 a.m. there will be a service at Mount Sinai Memorial Park.

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