The autopsy results reveal that actor Matthew Perry died from an accidental overdose of ketamine

Matthew Perry’s death involved contributing factors such as drowning, coronary artery disease, and the effects of buprenorphine, a medication used to treat opioid use disorder, according to the statement from the medical examiner.

The autopsy results reveal that actor Matthew Perry died

In Los Angeles, medical examiners announced on Friday that “Friends” actor Matthew Perry passed away due to an accidental overdose of ketamine, concluding their investigation into the death of the beloved but troubled TV star. Perry, renowned for his role as Chandler Bing on the popular TV sitcom from 1994 to 2004, succumbed at the age of 54, discovered unconscious in a swimming pool at his Los Angeles residence in October.

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Despite grappling with drug addiction, including ketamine, and enduring significant health challenges for decades, Perry had reportedly achieved 19 months of sobriety before his untimely demise.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office has determined that Matthew Perry’s cause of death resulted from the acute effects of ketamine, as stated in an official statement. Contributory factors include drowning, coronary artery disease, and the effects of buprenorphine, with the manner of death classified as accidental.

Ketamine, known for its recreational use due to numbing and hallucinogenic effects, is also employed by doctors as an anaesthetic, and ongoing research explores its potential in mental health treatment.

In Perry’s memoirs, he candidly shared his reliance on ketamine during his struggles with addiction, noting its pain-relieving and mood-improving effects. Despite its positive aspects, Perry acknowledged the rough hangovers associated with the drug.

While gaining global fame through the iconic TV show “Friends,” Perry grappled with personal battles, attending rehabilitation clinics for painkillers and alcohol addiction. His memoir, “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing,” shed light on detox experiences, dedicating the book to all sufferers and reflecting on the fragility of life.

The examiner’s report revealed trace amounts of ketamine in Perry’s stomach, along with prescription medications at his home. Perry had undergone medical treatment involving ketamine, but the most recent infusion occurred over a week before his death. The report detailed the potential impact of ketamine on Perry’s heart and breathing, leading to unconsciousness and drowning as contributing factors.

Perry’s coronary artery disease and use of buprenorphine for severe pain increased his vulnerability to ketamine’s effects. The autopsy report ruled out alcohol and other drugs like cocaine, heroin, or fentanyl in his system.

His sudden demise in October prompted heartfelt reactions from Hollywood peers and “Friends” co-stars, with Jennifer Aniston expressing the profound impact Perry had on their lives. The six cast members formed a chosen family, forever altering their paths and leaving an indelible mark on their collective journey.

“The moments we shared are genuinely some of the best times of my life,” expressed Matt LeBlanc, portraying Perry’s roommate and closest friend in the series.

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What was the cause of Matthew Perry’s death?

Matthew Perry’s death was attributed to an accidental overdose of ketamine, as revealed by the autopsy results.

Were there contributing factors to Matthew Perry’s death?

Yes, contributing factors included drowning, coronary artery disease, and the effects of buprenorphine, a medication for treating opioid use disorder.

When did Matthew Perry pass away, and how old was he?

Matthew Perry passed away in October at the age of 54. The official statement from the medical examiner in Los Angeles confirmed the accidental overdose.

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