Damaury Mikula Laced Arrested | Damaury Mikula Mugshot Jail Video 2022

Damaury Mikula Laced: Who is He

Damaury Mikula Laced Arrested:-If you are familiar with the celebs on TikTok, you have undoubtedly heard of Damaury Mikula laced earlier. But did you know that he’s also a hip-hop musician? or that he commands influence on social media? Continue reading to find out more about this emerging star of the Internet. Don’t forget to check out Mikula’s intriguing future endeavors.

In addition to being well-known on the internet, Mikula also manages a blog and other enterprises, which he keeps his followers updated on. Damaury Mikula is a star on TikTok. Born on January 9, 2003, Damaury Mikula is a well-known YouTuber with over 1.8 million followers on TikTok. He played basketball at Bloomingdale Senior High School and is a devoted sports lover.

He made the decision to pursue a career in entertainment after high school. As a TikTok celebrity, Damaury Mikula laced has amassed a substantial fan following and produced clothing and accessories. Mikula has a wonderful daughter named Isabella. LI Destiny, a well-known internet personality, is the child’s mother. Even though he has a large following on social media, he hasn’t revealed who his baby’s mother is until lately. This is Destiny Mikula. The question about Mikula’s love status has not been answered, but his baby is presently trending on Instagram.

Damaury Mikula continues to encounter issues with the police, as he has once again been arrested, this time for trespassing.Below, you will find all the pertinent details regarding his latest arrest.

About Damaury Mikula Laced Arrested

According to various circulating stories, Damaury Mikula, a popular social media personality known for his videos on TikTok and YouTube, has reportedly been arrested again. His active presence on social media platforms and a large following have contributed to his financial independence at the young age of 19.

However, in recent times, Mikula’s absence from platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter for over a week has sparked rumors about his possible arrest. The details surrounding this alleged arrest, including the reasons and circumstances, remain unclear at the moment.

Laced Mugshot And Jail Video Of Damaury Mikula

Damaury Mikula Laced Arrested | Damaury Mikula Mugshot Jail Video
Damaury Mikula Laced Arrested | Damaury Mikula Mugshot Jail Video

There are indications suggesting that Damaury Mikula, the social media star, is currently in jail, although no specific jail video has surfaced online at this time. Mikula’s extended absence from social media platforms further supports the speculation that he may be behind bars.

While the exact reason for his imprisonment remains unknown, it is believed to be related to unlawful trespassing. On June 14, Mikula last shared a picture on Instagram showing himself and friends enjoying Fanta drinks.

His last TikTok post was likely made on June 13, and he has not been active on any of his social media platforms for over a week. It is reported that the Florida Highway Patrol engaged in a pursuit of his vehicle, which reached speeds of around 100 mph.

Mikula was apprehended after performing a burnout maneuver near a police cruiser stopped at the State Road 54 intersection, causing the tires of a Dodge Challenger to burn. Despite being aware of the police lights and siren, Mikula proceeded to evade the pursuing officers by driving through red lights without stopping, eventually returning to his residence.

Damaury Mikula Jail Video 2022: Is He Laced? 

This Video sourced:-FOX 13 Tampa Bay

There is a belief that Damaury Mikula is currently in jail, although no jail video of him has surfaced on the internet as of yet. The speculation of his imprisonment is supported by his prolonged inactivity on social media platforms. The specific reason behind his incarceration is unknown, but it is connected to criminal trespassing.

Mikula’s last appearance on Instagram was on June 14, where he posted a picture of himself with his car and friends while enjoying Fanta. Similarly, his most recent TikTok post was made on June 13.

It is worth noting that Mikula has been absent from his social media accounts for over a week, which adds to the notion that he may be in jail.

Damaury Mikula Arrested & Mugshots

On November 1, 2021, damaury mikula mug shot was detained by the authorities for running a red light. This incident led to a high-speed pursuit by the Florida Highway Patrol, with speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. Prior to his arrest, Mikula was engaged in a burnout, causing the tires of a Dodge Challenger to emit smoke, while near a patrol cruiser that was stationary at the State Road 54 intersection.


After completing the challenge, Mikula mug shot disregarded the red lights and continued driving without stopping, despite being aware of the pursuing police vehicle with its lights and siren activated. He proceeded to his residence, where he was recognized as the driver of the car by the officer, who subsequently apprehended him.

Dope Use by Damaury Mikula

There is no evidence to suggest that Damaury Mikula has been involved in any drug-related offenses, although some speculations have arisen due to a previous incident in which he was pulled over for speeding through a red light.

Mikula was in a relationship with Destiny Akyla, a video creator who was his girlfriend at the time. They have a daughter together named Isabella Mikula.

On June 14, Mikula shared a picture on Instagram showing himself with friends and his car while enjoying a Fanta drink. His most recent TikTok post was published on June 13.

Allegations have been made against Damaury Mikula, including reckless driving, engaging in highway racing, evading or running from the police, and disregarding the safety of others or property.

Following his arrest, Mikula was eventually released on bail after being taken to the Pasco County Jail. On his damaurymikula TikTok account, which he is known for, he continues to post entertaining and lip-syncing videos.

Charges Against Damaury Mikula: Where Is He Now?

Damaury Mikula Laced Arrested | Damaury Mikula Mugshot Jail Video
Damaury Mikula Laced Arrested | Damaury Mikula Mugshot Jail Video| image sourced:- Instagram

There is a rumor circulating that Damaury Mikula has been imprisoned for illegal trespassing, leading to speculation that he may currently be behind bars. This assumption stems from his absence on social media platforms for the past week.

Due to his prolonged inactivity and the lack of information provided by Damaury or the authorities involved, it is presumed that he might be in jail. However, no additional details have been disclosed to confirm or clarify the situation.

Damaury Mikula boasts a significant following on Instagram, with over 745k followers, and his YouTube channel has amassed approximately 800,000 subscribers. He is particularly recognized for sharing videos on the TikTok platform under the username “damaurymikula.”

Damaury Mikula Instagram 

Damaury Mikula
Image credit-Damaury Mikula Instagram


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