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Min Woo Lee: Where Golf and Social Media Collide

Hey there, golf enthusiasts! If you haven’t heard of Min Woo Lee yet, buckle up because this guy is not just making waves on the green but also breaking the internet with his social media game. The younger sibling to LPGA star Minjee Lee, Min Woo is proving that golf is not just about birdies and bogeys – it’s also about catching the attention of 600,000-plus followers with his viral catchphrase, “Let him cook.” And trust me, he’s not just stirring the pot on the digital front.

Picture this: a 25-year-old golf sensation who’s as comfortable nailing an eagle on the DP World Tour as he is sliding into Steph Curry’s DMs on Instagram. Yep, you read that right! Min Woo casually dropped that he’s part of the TGL (Team Golf Life), and when asked about Curry, he nonchalantly mentions, “I messaged him and said, ‘Get me on your team.’ He hasn’t messaged me back [laughs].” Classic Min Woo move, right?

But let’s not forget what he does best – golf. The recent Australian PGA Championship was like a  Lee highlight reel. A jaw-dropping three-shot win against a field of stars from Australia, Europe, and Asia? Check. A closing 68 that gave him a 20-under-par total? Double-check. And the best part? He’s expected to soar to a career-high No. 38 on the Official World Golf Rankings. Min Woo is not just cooking up catchphrases; he’s cooking up a storm on the course!

From Eagle Pitches to Sibling Rivalry: The Min Woo Lee Golf  Saga

Now, let’s talk about the real magic – Min Woo’s golf skills. His drives hit a blazing 190 mph, and his short game is nothing short of wizardry. The final day of the Australian PGA Championship was a rollercoaster of emotions, with Min Woo’s overnight lead evaporating after two holes. But fear not, because this golf maverick didn’t just bounce back; he roared back.

The defining moment? Picture this: Min Woo, in the rough short of the green at the 574-yard par-5 ninth, facing off against a persistent competitor. And then, bam! He pitches the ball, it rolls 30 feet, and it’s in the hole for eagle. Cue the primal scream, the kind that sends shivers down your spine. That shot, as Min Woo puts it, was the best atmosphere shot he’s ever hit.

And the back nine? A procession of birdies, a bit of bogey drama, and a victorious stroll through the tunnel at the par-3 17th with a four-shot lead. The 17th, a party hole with well-lubricated fans, set the stage for a triumphant ending. Even a bogey at the 72nd hole couldn’t dim Min Woo’s radiant triumph.

And let’s not forget the Lee sibling rivalry. Minjee, a two-time major winner, watched proudly from the sidelines, having just landed in Australia for the upcoming mixed-gender Australian Open. These Lees are not just pro golf’s dynamic duo; they’re the epitome of sibling goals. Minjee, the quiet force, and Min Woo, the showman – together, they’ve turned the golf course into their own captivating stage.

In the grand tradition of names on the Australian PGA trophy, Min Woo Lee is more than a golfer; he’s a showman like Seve Ballesteros, a legend like Greg Norman, and a trick-shot artist like Joe Kirkwood. So, if you’re placing bets, as Min Woo suggests, keep an eye on his sister next week. The Lee saga continues, and it’s more thrilling than ever! ⛳🏌️‍♂️ #LetHimCook #LeeSiblingsRule

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