Nicolas Cage Accidentally Drank His Own Blood While Upcoming Vampire Film

“Nicolas Cage Accidentally Drank His Own Blood”: Nicolas Cage, alongside Nicholas Hoult, is set to star in the upcoming vampire film, “Renfield,” which is scheduled to be released on April 14th. In the movie, Cage portrays the character of Renfield, who is famously known as Dracula’s loyal servant in Bram Stoker’s novel.

“Renfield” is a horror comedy that revolves around Renfield’s humorous attempts to escape the demands of Dracula. As is typical in the horror genre, the film features plenty of blood and thrilling moments.

About Nicolas Cage Accidentally Drank His Own Blood

Interestingly, Cage recently shared a surprising incident from the set on a Reddit thread. He revealed that he accidentally drank his own blood while filming. Although the details surrounding the incident remain unknown, this unexpected event adds an intriguing twist to his experience working on the movie.

Fans of Nicolas Cage and vampire-themed films can look forward to seeing him in “Renfield” alongside Nicholas Hoult as they bring this unique and entertaining story to the screen.

Nicolas Cage explained the reason behind accidentally drinking his own blood on the set of “Renfield.” He clarified that it was not a deliberate action but rather a result of the genuine ceramic fangs he wore for his role. These fangs, being pointy, caused him to accidentally bite his lip a few times, leading to him inadvertently drinking his own blood.

Regarding his inspiration for the character, Cage acknowledged the collaborative effort of the talented individuals involved in the film. He mentioned wanting to pay homage to Christopher Lee’s portrayal of Dracula, particularly admiring his sixties hairdo. The costume and wardrobe were designed with this inspiration in mind. Cage clarified that he did not come up with the idea for the rings associated with his character.

Cage’s comments shed light on the behind-the-scenes experiences and influences that shaped his portrayal of Renfield in the upcoming vampire film “Renfield.

Nicolas Cage credited the wardrobe team for their contribution to his character in “Renfield,” including the unique wardrobe and accessories. He mentioned that they brought in the wardrobe choices, and although they might have sensed that he would appreciate it, it was ultimately their creative input.

Regarding his character’s voice, Cage described it as an amalgamation of different influences. He mentioned a mid-Atlantic August Coppola accent (in reference to his late father), combined with elements of Christopher Lee’s portrayal, and even some aspects inspired by Anne Bancroft. This blend of influences helped shape the distinct voice he used for the character.

Nicolas Cage Accidentally Drank His Own Blood
Nicolas Cage Accidentally Drank His Own Blood

When asked about his favorite portrayal of Dracula on camera, Cage expressed his personal preference for Christopher Lee’s depiction. He holds Christopher Lee’s image of the Dracula character in high regard.

Cage’s remarks highlight the collaborative nature of filmmaking and how various influences and contributions come together to shape a character’s appearance and portrayal.

Nicolas Cage expressed his admiration for Francis Ford Coppola’s film adaptation of Dracula, recognizing its exploration of the pathos and psyche of the character. He commended Coppola for creating a visually stunning movie, with every frame being a work of art. Cage particularly praised Gary Oldman’s performance in the film, considering him one of his favorite actors. However, Cage clarified that his upcoming film, “Renfield,” takes a different approach.

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Nicolas Cage Accidentally Drank His Own Blood
Nicolas Cage Accidentally Drank His Own Blood

Cage referred to “Renfield” as more of a pop art style film. He explained that the movie doesn’t have the same depth and focus on Dracula’s love, exile, or his role as a lonely supernatural force of unrequited love. Instead, “Renfield” is primarily a comedy. Within the limited number of selected scenes, Cage aims to bring a pop art sensibility to his portrayal of the character.

Cage’s comments emphasize the distinction between “Renfield” and Coppola’s film, highlighting the comedic nature of his upcoming project while acknowledging the artistic and psychological depth of Coppola’s interpretation.


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