Austin Teacher’s Firing Dance Goes Viral: TikTok Troubles Lead to Termination Tango

In a tale that’s garnered more attention than the latest dance trend, the city of Austin, Texas, witnessed the unfolding drama of former Becker Elementary School third-grade teacher Sophia DeLoretto-Chudy’s clash with Austin ISD, which spiraled from a technological tribunal to public scrutiny.

DeLoretto-Chudy, known for elevating educational discussions rather than dance challenges, faced termination from her position after a TikTok video went viral in March, drawing the district’s displeasure, as reported by MySA.

The TikTok clip featured DeLoretto-Chudy’s “check-in” meeting with an AISD administrator, where she questioned the district’s concerns about her teaching curriculum. The video’s disruption to her duties led to disciplinary action, and she was placed on administrative leave.

Subsequently, in April, DeLoretto-Chudy received a termination letter, FOX 7 Austin reported.

Expressing her resistance, she emphasized the district’s unclear justification for her dismissal, stating, “It was very unclear which argument the school district was going with. That was deciding what justified not bringing me back or not allowing me to go back to teaching or subbing.” She conveyed her frustration, mentioning her ongoing legal efforts to appeal the decision.

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The district countered, asserting that it was not the content but the disruptions caused by the “tech talk” that led to her termination—a point DeLoretto-Chudy contested, considering the size and stature of AISD, as reported by FOX 7 Austin.

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