Disneyland’s Viral Secret Drink Inundates Cast Members

Upon ordering the viral Disneyland secret drink that has taken over #DisneyTok, I immediately apologized to the bartender at Lamplight Lounge. Wondering if they were still making the secret menu cocktail, the bartender’s expression gave away the situation. Despite the popularity, I requested one.

About Disneyland Viral Drinks

The challenge isn’t in crafting the Dole whip shot; it’s that everyone currently wants one. The concoction is akin to a Dole whip but predominantly alcoholic. The ingredients include coconut rum, vanilla vodka (some use citrus vodka), pineapple juice, and a shot of whipped cream in the cocktail shaker. After shaking, it’s strained into a rocks glass, garnished with a pineapple wedge, and handed to the eager customer for a video before consumption.

Disneyland's Viral Secret Drink Inundates Cast Members
Disneyland’s Viral Secret Drink Inundates Cast Members

Exclusive to Lamplight Lounge in Disney California Adventure, the drink has been circulating for about a month. The bartender, while friendly, didn’t hesitate to provide the boozy concoction, revealing that it was approximately the 1,000th Dole whip shot served that day.

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Priced at $20, the shot, larger than a regular shot, drinks more like a sweet martini. The bartender suggested ordering it as a cocktail instead — same alcohol content and price, but served over ice for a more leisurely experience. Following the advice, I was not disappointed.

The drink carries a pineapple-heavy sweetness with a bit of a bite, reminiscent of the original Dole Whip, and shares similarities with offerings at the Tiki Juice Bar in Adventureland.

Sipping the cocktail at what I believe is Disneyland best in-park restaurant, I enjoyed the view of the Incredicoaster taking off and Mickey’s Fun Wheel spinning.

For those seeking the experience, my advice is to opt for the cocktail over the shot and generously tip your bartender.

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