Don Lemon Spent 17 Years With CNN

Don Lemon: Embracing the Future and Upholding the Truth

In his first interview following his departure from CNN, Don Lemon remains unwavering in his optimism for the future. The esteemed journalist, known for his commitment to journalistic integrity, recently shared his perspective with ABC24 Memphis. Lemon emphasized the significance of championing the truth, a core value he holds dear.

Standing Up for the Truth: Don Lemon’s Unyielding Conviction

During the engaging conversation with ABC24 Memphis, Don Lemon underscored his responsibility as both a journalist and an American citizen to deliver the truth. He passionately believes in honoring the promises of the Constitution, which advocates for a more perfect union. Recognizing his own imperfections, Lemon acknowledged that nobody is flawless.

To fulfill the Constitution’s promise, Lemon emphasized the need to stand up for what is right and to defend the truth. It is through these actions that Lemon envisions progress towards a more perfect union.

The Path Forward: Reflecting on CNN and Looking Ahead

Don Lemon Spent 17 Years With CNN

While Don Lemon did not delve into the specifics of his departure from CNN, he expressed his astonishment at the decision in a tweet back in April. Since then, Chris Licht, the chairman and CEO of CNN during Lemon’s tenure, has also departed from the network.

Lemon’s departure followed a controversial moment in February when he suggested that Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was not at her peak at 51 years old. Additionally, Lemon engaged in a heated discussion with Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy during an April interview.

In a recent interview with the Memphis news station, Lemon shared his perspective on the matter. He firmly stated his opposition to providing a platform for individuals he considers to be liars, bigots, insurrectionists, or election deniers. Lemon firmly believes in prioritizing truth and upholding the Constitution, ensuring that those who stand for what is right are given due respect.

Don Lemon: A Legacy of 17 Years at CNN

Don Lemon’s time at CNN spanned an impressive 17 years, culminating in his role as a co-host of “CNN This Morning.” With a degree from Brooklyn College under his belt, Lemon brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to his tenure at the network.

Regarding his future plans, Lemon revealed that he is taking the time to carefully consider his next move. There is no rush, he asserts, as hasty decisions often lead to regrettable outcomes.

In conclusion, Don Lemon’s departure from CNN has not dampened his enthusiasm or commitment to upholding the truth. Throughout his illustrious career, he has consistently advocated for what is right, guided by the principles enshrined in the Constitution. As Lemon embarks on his next chapter, we can expect him to continue making significant contributions to the world of journalism, always striving for a more perfect union.


Q: How does Don Lemon feel about his future after leaving CNN?

A: In his first interview since his departure from CNN, Don Lemon expresses confidence about his future. He states that he is “not worried at all” and remains optimistic.

Q: What did Don Lemon emphasize during his recent interview?

A: During his interview with ABC24 Memphis, Don Lemon stressed the importance of standing up for “the truth.” He believes it is his responsibility as both a journalist and an American to tell the truth and honor the promises of the Constitution.

Q: Did Don Lemon provide any specific reasons for his CNN departure?

A: Don Lemon did not go into specific details about what led to his exit from CNN. However, he mentioned in a tweet in April that he was “stunned” by the decision.

Q: Who was the chairman and CEO of CNN during Don Lemon’s departure?

A: Chris Licht was the chairman and CEO of CNN when Don Lemon left the network. Since then, Licht has also left his role.

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