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Who is Koi Kadara

Koi Kadara, also known as the Kikuyu Goddess, is an award-winning Kenyan-American actress, YouTuber, and businesswoman. She is the founder and CEO of Asantibykoi, a renowned store that offers high-quality gold-filled and plated jewelry.

In addition to her entrepreneurial ventures, Koi is a talented actress. She has appeared in numerous videos on Elhadj Diallo’s YouTube Channel, and if you haven’t watched her on the channel, you’re missing out on a lot of entertainment.

Koi has portrayed various characters in these videos, showcasing her versatility and talent. Many believe that Kadara is destined for great success in Hollywood. This article provides comprehensive coverage of Koi Kadara’s journey, offering everything you need to know about this remarkable actress. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Koi Kadara Wikipedia

Koi Kadara Wikipedia
Koi Kadara Wikipedia
Name Kadara
Birthplace Kenya
Relocation Moved to Northern California at age 9 in 2002
Current Location Washington D.C.
Profession Actress, YouTuber, Businesswoman
Business Founder and CEO of Asanti By Koi
Children Two children – a 6-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter named Asanti
Faith Christianity
Privacy Prefers to keep personal matters private
Marital Status Not disclosed

Koi Kadara Height

Koi Kadara Height
Koi Kadara Height

Kadara stands at approximately 5 feet 5 inches in height.

Koi Kadara Age

As of 2023, Koi is 30 years old. She was born in Kenya in the year 1993.

Age (2023) Age (2024) Age (2025)
30 years old 31 years old 32 years old

Koi Kadara Family & Siblings/Brother

Koi Kadara Family & Siblings/Brother
Koi Kadara Family & Siblings/Brother

Kadara was born in Kenya and moved to Northern California at the age of nine in 2002. She resided in California with her mother and brother until she decided to relocate to Washington D.C. to pursue her college education.

Tragically, her mother passed away in 2013, leaving Kadara, her younger sibling, and her six-month-old daughter behind. This event marked a significant turning point in her life. At the age of 21, she faced the challenge of providing for her child and younger sibling while grappling with the loss of her mother. It was a period of great difficulty and financial struggle for her.

Koi’s Kadara Business Empire

Koi Kadara
Koi’s Kadara Business Empire

Kadara had always nurtured the dream of running a boutique, inspired by her mother’s entrepreneurial ventures in Nairobi, Kenya during her upbringing. This aspiration eventually led to the birth of her business, Asanti By Koi.

For Kadara, the focus of Asanti By Koi has always been to create meaningful jewelry rather than just following fashion trends. She began designing artwork that served as daily affirmation reminders, allowing her clients to carry a positive message with them throughout their day.

Witnessing her clients wearing these daily reminder jewelry pieces brings Kadara immense joy. She recognizes it as an incredible opportunity to promote self-love and remind people of the joy that comes from living purposefully while looking and feeling their best.

Despite launching her jewelry business in February 2021 amidst the pandemic, Kadara embraced the creative power that had accumulated during the time spent at home. She herself finds great pleasure in wearing jewelry, appreciating how it enhances her appearance and uplifts her spirits.

Kadara envisions expanding her business to enable her and her family to travel worldwide, sharing their love and unique pieces with individuals from diverse cultures. Her ultimate goal is to make a lasting impact on the hearts of those she encounters, reminding them of their own strength and worthiness.

Koi Kadara Children/Kids

Koi Kadara Children/Kids
Koi Kadara Son

Kadara takes immense pride in being a mother to two wonderful children—a son who is six years old and a daughter named Asanti, who is ten years old. She frequently shares photos of her children, especially on their birthdays, and her nurturing and devoted parenting style make her an exemplary super mom.

Koi Kadara Children/Kids
Koi Kadara Daughter

The name she chose for her daughter, Asanti, holds special meaning. In the Swahili language, “Asanti” translates to “Thank you.” Kadara selected this name as she considers her daughter to be a precious gift from God. Following the passing of her own mother, she gained a deeper understanding of the profound significance the name holds for her and her relationship with her daughter.

Koi Kadara Net Worth

Koi Kadara Net Worth
Koi Kadara Net Worth

While Kadara has not publicly disclosed her wealth, it is evident that she has achieved substantial success through her career and business ventures. As we continue to gather more information about her, we will provide further details regarding her financial accomplishments.

Koi Kadara Religion

Kadara embraces Christianity as her faith, which serves as a grounding force in her life. She strongly believes that as one’s spiritual growth progresses and they reestablish their connection with the Divine God/Goddess, they come to understand that nothing occurs randomly, and everything holds significance and purpose.

During an interview, Kadara expressed that when an individual experiences a profound sense of clarity within themselves, it signifies pure guidance and validation from their higher self. The inspiration behind her Mantra Tees, a line of clothing, is divinely inspired. The purpose of these shirts is to imbue love and clarity into the lives of individuals through the resonance they create with the empowering messages conveyed.

Kadara’s deep-rooted faith and spiritual connection influence her approach to life and inspire her to spread positivity and meaningful messages to others through her endeavors.

Koi Kadara Husband / Boyfriend

Kadara, the Kikuyu Goddess, values her privacy when it comes to personal matters, making it challenging to determine whether or not she is married. As of now, there is no publicly available information regarding her marital status. However, we will provide further details as soon as any information is revealed.

Koi Kadara Social Media Accounts

Koi Kadara
Koi Kadara Instagram
Koi Kadara
Koi Kadara Facebook


Q:-Where was Kadara born?

Kadara was born in Kenya.

Q: When did Kadara relocate to Northern California?

Kadara moved to Northern California at the age of 9 in 2002.

Q: Where is Kadara currently located?

Kadara is currently located in Washington D.C.

Q: What is Kadara’s profession?

Kadara is an actress, YouTuber, and businesswoman.

Q: What is the name of Kadara’s business?

Kadara is the founder and CEO of Asanti By Koi.

Q: Does Kadara have children?

Yes, Kadara has two children: a son who is 6 years old, and a daughter named Asanti who is 10 years old.

Q: What is Kadara’s faith?

Kadara practices Christianity.

Q: Does Kadara prefer to keep her personal matters private?

Yes, Kadara values her privacy and prefers to keep personal matters private.

Q: Is Kadara’s marital status disclosed?

No, Kadara’s marital status is not disclosed.

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